Environmental Sediment Treatment

Our mission is to offer an economic solution to all dredging needs with an innovative process that help preserving the environment by extracting, treating and recycling the sediment.

Automated process in 3 steps :

Our innovation

We are using 3 automated machines for extracting, pretreating and conditionning 100% of the sediments and can be adapted to all needs. The first robot (also in a submarine version) extracts the mud without the remobilization of the silt in a definite area by GPS. The silt is then treated by a second machine and brought to the last robot that will be conditionned according to their nature and diameter in order to be recycled. The extracted water separated from the silt is returned to the natural site.

With this innovative system, E.S.T. can answer to all needs of the lakes, ponds, lagoons, ports, dams but also a solution to the cyanobacteria, invasive vegetation etc.

We offer a complete offer :

  • Setting up the 3 machines
  • Extracting the sediments
  • Conditionning the sediments in bricks
  • Valorization of the silt
  • Complete management of the project
  • A full report of the process :
    • Quantitative data and facts from the extraction
    • GPS report on the area
    • Bathymetric results

Advantages of our method :

  • Automatic process 24/24 and 7/7
  • Adapting volume and speed of the extraction
  • Easy and fast set up of the process
  • No remobilisation during extraction
  • Recycling 100% of the sediments

With this new process, E.S.T. and his partners offer a very economic solution to all types of dredging needs and can be adapted to all types of sites. With our innovative extraction and the recycling of the sediment up to 100%, we have a very positive impact on the environment.

Our partners